Прописные и строчные буквы

"Black" is an empowering self-designation by people who share experiences based on colonial history and its continuities, and anti-Black racism. Not all people who are affected by racism claim this term for themselves.

The political term “black” does not describe a person’s skin color or other characteristics, but social affiliations and mutual solidarity in resistance to racism.

To make this clear, “black” is capitalized. Black people and people of color are structurally affected by everyday, societal, institutional and/or other forms of racism.”

“The term ‘white’ describes a social position in which people are not negatively affected by racism, but rather benefit from it. ‘White’ does not refer to the color of skin or any other characteristics of people.”

“In contrast to ‘black,’ ‘white’ is not an empowering self-designation and is therefore written in small cap, sometimes in italics.”

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