Израильский политик, который открыто и безоговорочно поддержит голландских фермеров, может надеяться получить мой голос на грядущих выборах

Donald Trump expressed support for Dutch farmers protesting against the Cabinet’s nitrogen policy in a speech to conservative young people in Tampa, Florida. He also claimed that climate change is a hoax and that attempts to protect the climate would lead to “famine and starvation.”

“As we speak, farmers in the Netherlands of all places are courageously opposing the climate tyranny of the Dutch government. Can you believe that? Which wants to dramatically cut Dutch farm production despite growing food shortages.”

“In our movement, we stand against the climate fanatics. We stand with the peaceful Dutch farmers who are bravely fighting for their freedom. It’s horrible what’s happening,” Trump said.

Trump isn’t the only right-wing personality to express support for the protesting Dutch farmers. French politician Marie Le Pen also did so on Twitter on Saturday. “In a time when Dutch farmers are demonstrating against expropriation, as chairman of the Rassemblement National group in parliament, I want to show them my support," she tweeted.

Michael Flynn also expressed support to Dutch farmers. “Today we are all Dutch farmers. Your struggle is our struggle,” he said. “We applaud your courage and we fight to defend your land, your ability to farm and your freedoms are under attack.”


Donald Trump expresses support for Dutch farmers in speech denying climate …
Former United States President Donald Trump expressed support for Dutch farmers protesting against the Cabinet’s nitroge…
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